• CII Certified Professional in Green Supply Chain (ONLINE COURSE: 30, 31 July, 1, 2 August 2024)

About Course

An organization's journey toward holistic green growth is intricately linked with the green performance of its supply chain. In this era, transparency and accountability are no longer optional; they are fundamental requirements not only within the organization but also across the entire supply chain. While it's undeniably a challenging endeavor, it holds tremendous significance, primarily due to the opportunities and risks that the supply chain presents to any business. The pivotal step towards achieving a greener supply chain is the integration of sustainability principles. Our upcoming workshop aims to enhance participants' comprehension of these green supply chain concepts.

The CII Certified Professional in Green Supply Chain certificate course has been meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how a sustainable supply chain can substantially enhance the overall sustainability of a corporate entity. In today's fast-evolving business landscape, with corporations striving to embrace concepts such as carbon neutrality and zero waste to landfill, greening the supply chain has emerged as of paramount importance. This course is a key step in preparing professionals to meet these sustainability challenges head-on and steer their organizations toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Topics to be covered

Course coverage

v Introduction to Green Supply Chain

v Supply Chains Digitalization

v Green supply chain coordination

v Greening impact of Supply Chain on Scope 3 Emissions

v Green Vendor Management

v Green Procurement

v Green Logistics

v Regulations and Enablers of Green SC

v Circular Economy

v Green Warehousing




Key highlights of the course

v Complete online course

v Assignments & Final Online Exam

v Carbon strategies in greening the supply chain

v Importance of Scope 3 emissions in carbon neutrality

v Green purchasing fundamentals

v Design for Environment DfE

v Green packaging

v Green transportation

v Case studies discussions

The course will be suitable for

v Procurement team

v Purchase team

v Decision makers in capital goods

v Supply chain team

v Logistics team

Session Schedule

Date & Time

Session Topic

Session 1: Tuesday
30 July'24
1500 - 1700 Hrs

Introduction to Green Supply Chain

·      Need for Sustainability – Climate Change

·      Initiatives enabling sustainability: GreenCo, BRSR, ESG

·      Green Supply Chains

·      Enabling Net Zero goals through Green Supply Chains

·      Environmental Impacts across Supply Chains

Session 2: Wednesday
31 July'24
1500 - 1700 Hrs


Green Procurement

·      Green Procurement Guidelines

·      Green Sourcing Philosophy - Quality / Cost / Time / Sustainability

·      Digitalization and Sustainability

·      Carbon Management in Procurement

·      Green Products – Ecolabels

Green Vendor Development

·      Identifying Environmentally critical suppliers/ vendors

·      Vendor Baseline Development

·      Vendor Performance Management

·      Circular Economy

Day 3:
1 Aug'24
1500 - 1700 Hrs

Green Logistics

·      Green Transportation & Logistics Planning

§  Scope 3 Categories in GHG Emissions

§  Logistics Emissions Reduction Strategies

·      Green Warehousing

Green Packaging

Day 4:
2 Aug'24
1500 - 1700 Hrs

Enablers of Green Supply Chain

·      Future Challenges

·      Carbon markets & Impact on supply chain – CBAM, CCTS, etc.

·      Green Incentives

·      Voluntary Ratings – Facilitating greening of Supply Chain

§  GreenCo, GreenPro, etc.

Net Zero Certifications.

Friday, 9 Aug’24

Assignment Submission Due

Saturday, 10 Aug’24

Online Proctored Exam