CII Certified Professional in Green Supply Chain : 24 - 25 January 2024 (Two-day Training Course at Mumbai)

Registration Form - Step-1

Participants Type Registration Fee GST (18%) Total Registration Fee
CII / IGBC / GreenCo Members INR 17500/- INR 3150/- INR 20650/-
Non-Members INR 19500/- INR 3510/- INR 23010/-
Educational Institutions (Students & Faculty) INR 14500/- INR 2610/- INR 17110/-
  • Discount for Group Registrations: 1 Complimentary for every 4 Registrations (for company nominations)
  • Delegate fee is non-refundable but change in nomination is accepted.
  • Prior Payment is mandatory to confirm the registration.
  • Programme is non-residential. Participant has to take care of his / her travel, accommodation and any other incidental expenses.
  • Registration fee covers attendance in the training sessions, coffee / tea, lunch on training days.
  • Student ID / Faculty ID to be submitted for confirming registration under Educational Institutions category.
Important Note :
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  2. FORMATTED text eg. copied from applications such as word, notepad will appear only as special character which would not convey the right message.
  3. Please note that any errors will not be proof read by CII.
  4. Please do not use any special characters : ,(comma) ` ~ > < ' " ? { } % ! while filling the form. It will lead to error while submitting the form.
  5. Please do not refresh the page while filling the forms. By pressing back button and refreshing the page it will lead to error submission of the form.