• CII Certified Professional in Carbon Footprint (26 to 30 October 2021)

About Course

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that are faced by countries across the globe. Indian Industry are re-designing their business strategy focusing on decarbonisation to mitigate climate change and GHG emissions. In order to equip Indian Industry and build their capability

CII-Godrej GBC is organising a unique online program on Certified Professional in Carbon Footprinting.

The program will provide participants a broad overview of carbon footprint mapping, covering the key concepts of GHG Emission and accounting, International standards, reporting frameworks, organisational and product carbon footprints and access to key data, tools and resources.

The course content are based on the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, referring to the ISO 14064; part - 1 International standard for GHG inventories.

Topics to be covered

1.  GHG emission and inventorization

2.  Carbon emission inventorization standards and reporting framework

3.  Organizational carbon footprinting

4.  Case studies on carbon mitigation strategies

5.  Science based targets, internal carbon pricing, etc.


1.  Completely online program

2.  Live sessions - an opportunity to interact with instructors during the sessions

3.  Practical assignments quizzes

4.  e-certificate on successful completion of the final exam

5.  325 professionals certified till date

Session Schedule

Day 1
26th October 2021
(1500 - 1700 hrs)


Introduction to

·         Climate Change & Global Warming

·         Greenhouse Gases - Global and Indian Scenario

·         Approach to GHG Management

·         Identification of GHG Emission Sources

·         Greenhouse Gas Inventorization - Scope 1 & 2

·         Data collection and identification of emission factor

·         Exercises on Scope 1 & 2

Day 2
27th October, 2021
(1500 - 1700 hrs)


Illustrations, Case Studies & Introduction to Scope 3 Emissions

·         GHG Management tool (General and sector-specific)

·         Upstream and downstream sources of emissions

·         Involvement of suppliers for GHG measurements

·         Challenges and approach with scope 3 accounting

·         Exercise on Scope 3

Day 3
28th October 2021 (1500 - 1700 hrs)


Mitigation strategies for GHG reduction

·         Overall Approach for GHG Mitigations

·         Goal & Target Setting

·         Reduction Opportunities in specific Sector

·         Mitigation opportunities for Scope 2 and Scope 3

Day 4
29th October, 2021
(1500 - 1700 hrs)


Next practices in GHG Management

·         GreenCo Rating System

·         Life Cycle Assessment

·         Carbon Pricing

·         Science Base Targets

·         Examples

·         Wrap up the training Program

Day 5

30th October 2021

(1500 - 1700 hrs)


Final Examination